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The biggest invention of the twenty-first century is social media. Technological advancements aided in the creation of the platform. Significant advancements in the industry have resulted in more sophisticated and real-time platforms. Instagram is a new social media site that encourages users to share their stories through a series of images and videos. However, corporations and other businesses have taken advantage of the situation by having Instagram fund their ads. The commercial above is about fashion and seeks to target people who are interested in fashion, mainly men. From the caption, it is evident that the company is convincing people to download their application and access designer clothes at a discount. The intended audience seems to be men most of whom are professions considering that the placed items are official wear.

On analyzing the text, two reasons for its presence in Instagram can be concluded. First, the advert is trying to convince people to purchase their products which are evidently male wear. Secondly, it is encouraging people to download their application and by doing so; they secure a discount on buying their products. By using Instagram which has millions of users, the shop has a chance to increased its customer base because the advert is placed on the Instagram adds and everyone has an opportunity to view it. By using a quality photo and their best products, they can convince the viewers to not only download their application but also check for other products. Additionally, the advert seems convincing through the proper choice of words and the background that was used to take the photo.

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