Insanity plea

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The plea of insanity has become a justification for legal rulings in favor of those who, after falsely committing serious crimes, are brought before the courts. In the case of Hinckley, who was the assassin of the then president of the United States of America at the time, being sent to a mental institution rather than life imprisonment has had its effects on a number of people who commit such crimes. On the debate of insanity protection, there was a sparked and furious argument that forced the states and congress to enact serious rules on this subject. It is important that the obsession that the accused had of an assassination movie had played a major role in the attempt to do the same weeks later (Schweitzer, 2011). Overall, he was found not guilty because of insanity.

In other event, involving a case where a woman named Lorrena Bobbitt decided to cut the organs of her husband private parts raises more humor than serious thought. The case dubbed because of irresistible impulse is still connected to the insanity defense though still in court. The defense team argues that she acted from an impulse coming from a mental problem. The defense also argues that she had previously been raped by her husband and could as well been suffering from a post-traumatic stress. The direction that such cases take therefore concludes that the more an act looks ghastly an act the more insane it looks to the judges.

In most cases, a person found not guilty by the fact that of insanity plea is usually freed after getting cure. However, the congress had earlier put serious legislations concerning the same issue. This was also done by the states in order to limit the number of such cases. In this case most prosecutions will find it more easier in charging the individuals before courts of law.


Schweitzer, N. J., & Saks, M. J. (2011). Neuroimage evidence and the insanity defense. Behavioral sciences & the law, 29(4), 592-607.

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