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My first job out of high school was teaching first-graders and junior varsity boys in basketball. My first encounters with teaching, being a responsible authority figure, leading by example, and getting a boss taught me a lot.
Held senior roles and had to learn every step of the job, up to the point of being in charge of teams of my own.
First. Responsibility
Next. Leading by example
Finally. The Boss
Transition: I will enumerate my role at my place of work.
“Main Idea 1. Responsibility

Timely reporting on duty

Overseeing the practices and making sure things go accordingly

Transition: I will enumerate my conduct at the place of work

Main Idea 2. Leading by Example

Holding huddles at the end of every practice

Exuding respect and proper sportsmanship character

Transition: I will enumerate my relationship with my boss and the skills imparted

Main Idea 3. The Boss

Strict and easy going

Learnt scheduling and salary negotiation


Teaching first graders and varsity boys was no easy challenge, but it facilitated me with leadership qualities besides being educative, entertaining, memorable and admirable.

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