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In the 17th century, there was a domestic method of producing goods. The industrial revolution, on the other hand, prevailed. The invention of computers capable of doing the function of a hand tool was one of the most dramatic developments brought on by the revolution. Second, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the use of steam as a means of strength and other sources of power replaced the body of humans and animals, which was vulnerable to fatigue (Bird). Finally, the factory scheme replaced the slow and exhausting domestic system. The efficiency in the manufacturing provides the designers to have a larger supply of the manufactured products at a meager price. Furthermore, the designer could order a given amount or type of product that they need for the market. Furthermore, the quality of the product had improved. For the consumers, they were getting quality products at a considerably cheaper cost. More so, the development of factory system, which was more efficient, employed all the members of the craft workers family (Bird). In addition, the skilled workers without the capital to start their own business were given an opportunity to work and showcased their skills. The designers who had enough money employed people. With new technologies, the production was greatly increased. The factory size increased considerably whole more people got employment. More raw materials were acquired providing revenue to the farmers with the economy of the nation improving significantly.

The methods of mass production were greatly improved with more products used interchangeably with all the parts along with machine tools. With the invention of electric power production, become cheaper, flexible and faster. All the stakeholders who included consumer, workers, and designers benefited from this efficiency of production. With the consumer getting the products quicker and with better quality (Bird). The worker benefited from the reduced amount of work and working hours with the pay retained relatively the same. The designers, on the other hand, got more products to supply which means increased revenue on their side. Finally, with the increase in the flow of currency, the nation benefited with a boost to its economy.


There was a considerable decrease in the general population of the farmers because, with the increase in efficiency, the factories required more labor force and they sourced it from the farm workers as well as artisans. The laborers flocked the cities which proliferated which gave rise to the creation of overcrowding that later became slums (Bird). The other significant challenges that came with the changes in the industries were the degradation of the skilled works that were reduced to mere factory workers with the machine replacing them. The skilled laborer had been independent masters as well as managers of their own business. There were increasing cases of break out of diseases due to the overcrowding of factory workers.

Concern for Continued Efficiency in Production

With the rise in technology, there is no doubt that, there will be an increase in the efficiency of production. Due to the mass market, the demand for the product has increased due to globalization. However, globalization has been led too much organization seeking for cheap labor by either outsourcing or finding other means of acquiring cheap labor (Bird). The need for mass production with high-quality products to fit the fashion industry that is cropping with celebrities has pushed for development of robotic that can ensure precision and efficiency. However, the rise of robotics has posed a threat the many people due to lack of employment. Furthermore, the working condition of people in the third world country is poor and demoralizing for the worker to give their best.

Work Cited

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