In Relation To Culture And Conflict And Communication In The Movie Do The Right Thing persuasive analysis

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Lee Spike produced and directed the film ‘Do the Right Thing.’ The film reflects on how people of varying races and backgrounds communicate on a single day in a low-income neighborhood in New York. It is built around irreconcilable communication conflicts, knowledge misunderstanding, and collisions of righteous opinions. This is most apparent in the debate between Mookie and Jade (Lee, 1989).
Instead of dwelling on the stereotypes’ ridiculousness, Lee expertly allows discord to gradually escalate in the film. He uses intense scenes and insulting diction to demonstrate how extreme culture and bigotry can lead to confrontation and abuse. This is evident in the disturbing scene where badgers from different nationalities and cultures have different opinions hence they are in conflict with each other and this brings out the aspect of horrible stereotyping and poor communication.

The conflicts and arguments are seen to undermine the authority of Mookie resulting in tension from the fights and the public assertions go unchallenged (Lee, 1989). It represents a good example of the Buggin’ Out and Culture Industry displays and this is seen where he buys the latest shoes so that it does not come out as if he is being run over by a richer man. The film clearly shows how it is not right to react to other people on the basis of race and culture and the director portrays the stereotype of the characters in the movie with the use of aesthetics and language (Goldberg, 2000).

The film ‘Do the Right Thing’ by Lee hence mainly focuses on scenes that represent failed communication, lack of trust, wrongful conflict and violence and dire stereotyping that are a reflection of the existing concerns about the culture of racism in America (Goldberg, 2000).


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