Impact of Social Media and Applications

Currently, social media has turn out to be an important role of each one’s lifestyles when it comes to shopping, electronic ails, business tools and additionally electronics. Social media happens to have played a major function in the transformation of the lives of people.
The below analysis seeks to identify the more than a few merits and demerits arising from the use of social media as the communication platforms.
Body Paragraphs
Impacts of social media on a range of fields
Impact of social media on education: Due to numerous students using social networks, social media has accelerated the eminence and also the collaboration rate of students.

Reason: Learners can easily share messages quickly amongst themselves via the help of social media.

Merits of social media on education

The platform helps the students to efficiently contact other when there are course group ventures or if they are in need of help in homework.

Most of the learners who are not used to taking active during class time have a chance of sharing their thoughts on the social media.

There is also a platform for teachers to post anything about the class activities, assignments school events which are useful to the students.

Demerits of social media on education

The platform may act as a kind of distraction to the learners who are present in the class.

There are privacy issues especially when people post their personal information on the online sites.

There are also chances of misleading information which can be posted on the online sites which leads the student on the wrong side.

Students are getting used to the social media such that they are losing their confidence during face to face communications.

Impact of social media on business: Businesses have used social media to enhance their performance through the accomplishment of their business objectives and the increment of annual sales of the organization.

Reason: Social media has provided the businesses with a platform to which they can be able to have two-way communication between them and their stakeholders. They also promote their businesses through these social media platforms.

Merits of social media on business

Social media has helped the businesses to understand the likes and dislikes of their audience better

It has helped the businesses in promoting their activities

It has also helped them in making new customers through the provision of useful facilities.

Has helped in the creation of market insight

Negative effects of social media on businesses

There are many large organizations that have fallen victims to hackers

Impacts of social media on the society: Various social media platforms have transformed the way various socialize and communicate via the web. These platforms have rendered an opportunity to the individuals to reconnect with their colleagues and also mates (Aral et al, p4).

Merits of social media on society

Helps in sharing of ideas which are beyond geographical boundaries

It unites people on a huge platform

Demerits of social media on society

It makes people addicted

It easily affects the kids

It abuses the society through the invasion of people’s privacy.

Conclusion: social media happens to have various merits and also demerits which affect people negatively.

Work cited

Aral, Sinan, Chrysanthos Dellarocas, and David Godes. “Introduction to the special issue—social media and business transformation: a framework for research.” Information Systems Research 24.1 (2013): 3-13.

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