I list ideas as one of the ways of generating ideas after free writing

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After freewriting, one of the ways I create ideas is to make a list of them. I make a list of ideas and then select the one that is the most compelling and contains the most detail. I used bubbling as a method of idea creation after listening to and hearing about other methods. I can split them down until I pick an idea and begin brainstorming the listing method as I do now, but it becomes repetitive. I’ll try the bubbling approach while writing to see if it works well for me. Boone’s article, “from the wreckage to perfect work of art” (2011) encouraged me. I got inspired by Steve Johnson’s (2010) TED Talk “Where Smart thoughts Originate From.” I cherished his explanation that ideas don’t have to come in a solitary “illuminating minute” rather from a network of interaction where people inspire each other to generate solutions to issues, similar to the “neonurture gadget” produced using auto parts (Johnson, 2010). When people brainstorm ideas together they can be amazed how solutions to problems they though are impossible can be solved.

My neighbor’s child is on the autism spectrum that is nonverbal, and my career aspiration is to be an ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst) therapist. I want to work with kids with autism and be better prepared to help them. I trust that this point interests most people given the rising of children with autism and ADHD. I have been reading articles related to this topic and researched widely on it. I have also talked with parents who have kids with autism to share their experiences how they handle such kids and what emotional, physical and spiritual support needs to be given to them.


Boone, J. (2011). Prewriting: From Potential Mess to Masterpiece. Retrieved from https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/DocumentStore/Docs11/pdf/WC/Prewriting_March2011. pdf.

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