Human Rights: Uniformity

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Racial inequality in American society is also a persistent aspect. Cultural minority communities, such as African Americans and Hispanics, continue to face inequality in fields such as schooling and employment. The fewer chances offered to ethnic minorities continue to raise the country’s level of discrimination. In response to continuing segregation, the government has implemented affirmative action to ensure that members of all races in jobs have equal opportunity. In spite of the initiative, there are still unequal resources for minorities.
As a consequence of segregation, most separated ethnic communities do not access social networks. Social networks are platforms where people get information about job opportunities and interact. As an outcome, they cannot access openings for employment because they are part of the social network. Discriminated Minority groups also live in concentrated and segregated neighbors where business opportunities are fewer while they cannot afford to travel and live in areas where opportunities exist. They, therefore, cannot access employment job opportunities. Worse still the groups cannot get credit facilities to start businesses for self-employment. They also have negative attitudes towards traditional values like family responsibility and hard work due to a history of discrimination. As an outcome, most prefer a life of crime rather than looking for regular jobs. Furthermore, isolated minority groups have developed a unique way of talking that people from outside cannot understand, in the process employers have developed a bad attitude towards them.

Lack of opportunities enhances discrimination in several aspects. First, most of the people from minority groups have trouble getting jobs after school. For those who get employed, they always operate in adverse working conditions and get lower wages. They also live in concentrated neighbors; their children achieve less in school and access poor public services. The white majority group, therefore, perceive them negatively, discriminating against them in the process (Pager 185).

The government should take deliberate steps like enforcement of affirmative action plans aimed at giving equal opportunities in the society to stop inequalities. Other measures include opening up more education opportunities and credit facilities for discriminated groups to get employed and start businesses.

The primary reason for poverty among the minority groups like blacks and Hispanics is discrimination. Discrimination against particular racial groups has a long history, though it has reduced in recent years. Segregation has over time driven other races to live in segregated regions where job opportunities are few and far between.

Work cited

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