How to E-Mail a Professor

The manner of emailing instructors and professors is one of the most stressful situations that students go through. Professor Leddy’s processes are simple, straightforward and logical as they guide most students on the specific considerations that they must put in place when contacting their instructors by using emails.
The first concept gathered from “How to E-Mail a Professor” is the choice of an appropriate greeting line. Michael Leddy states that “substitute “Dear” and you’ve ended up writing a letter,” and suggests that leaving out Hi makes the tone too brusque. Initially, most digital mails that I wrote began with “Dear” since I thought that the greeting line used to be professional and the most appropriate.
The inclusion of the course number in the subject line is the second concept learned from Michael Leddy. The author states that the rationale for including the course number is to allow the instructor to know who he or she is dealing with. According to Leddy, “without entering the class you’re in may leave your professor with the chore of figuring that out,” (p.134). Therefore, course numbers are crucial components of the subject line.

Leddy states that replying E-mails with a “thank you” shows gratitude. However, the most surprising concept in the procedures provided by the author is the structure of the replies. Michael Leddy notes that “I don’t think you need to include a greeting with a short reply, at least not if you refer to your professor in your reply,” (p.135) The ideology that I previously had was typing a greeting and “thank you” message and including reidentifying myself to the instructor. Another surprising element is that the course code or number must be accompanied by the class meeting time.

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