How Some Facet of “Process Philosophy” Has Impacted American Government and/or Society

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Process theory, also known as entity philosophy, connects spiritual truth with creation and transformation. It is linked to philosophers Charles Hartshorne and Alfred North Whitehead’s works. Philosophers after Aristotle and Plato have speculated true existence as “timeless,” dependent on unending objects, as processes are repudiated of timeless matter or material. It considers the chance to be the foundation of truth, where being is considered to be being. Process theory has fundamentally altered our thought in terms of how we live, socialize, and work today (Ferdon, 2014). This shift in thinking has penetrated nearly all the sectors of the American society.

A few of the facets of process philosophy that have impacted on American government and society are educational, economical as well as family and marriage shifts. Firstly, a shift in the economy led to it being imbued at every level with process philosophy. A philosophical thinking component in economics is the evolution in which (Ferdon, 2014) points out that it the new approach scientifically. An example of influence of process philosophy in economics is the “communist manifesto” by Karl Max and Friedrich Engels which gives an analytical approach to class struggle, problems of capitalism and mode of production. Martin (2013) suggests that the manifesto supposes that all change is progress. In his argument, evolution through its natural forces will make the lower class of the poor bottom strata to eventually supersede the middle class and take over the wealth of the nation.

This evolutionary state can be dismissed as a poor concealment of the so called planned economy which the state manages. Martin (2013) gives a pointer in the economic field saying that process philosophy attracts a big shift from the wealth and resources (economy) that is market oriented to that which is planned. This gives a chance to the nation to become a supreme power in the economy, market as well as society.

Family and marriage is another area in the contemporary life that process philosophy has affected. Whittington (2007) observes that the rate of divorce has greatly increased up to 50 percent in the recent years. For these rates to be this high, a drastic change must have occurred which redefined what marriages and families used to be. Recently, marriage has become just a contract between two individuals who view themselves to be equal dismissing the distinctive word of God. It has become very difficult for individuals who are imperfect to maintain an intimate relationship simply because of failure to follow a guideline or a certain criteria. This has in a big way affected what a family is supposed to be.

Whittington (2007) asserts that without God in the picture, marriage becomes an anarchy and the question of equality disturbs as well as breaks many relationships because of lack of a standard for measure. There are no answers as to what protocol or realms of relationships exist especially to the worldview which upholds a concept of all change to be good.

To conclude, process philosophy portrays a delinquent notion of thought that has polluted how Americans think. For instance in economics, an evolutionary view without the involvement of God towards a free market. Family and marriage process philosophy on the other hand has taken away the most important aspects of a family.


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