History of Antigone

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Antigone is a play with a theme of political tragedy and a heroic literary character that has been applied to modern society across a broad spectrum. Theatrical version is one of the best elements of plays in the literature intended to relive the incidents in the historical and cultural context in a contemporary society. During this debate, I will consider one of the Antigone theater adaptations directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos and produced by Walter Bilderback in the 1980s, and translated by Marianne McDonald. The play took place in London in 2015 at the Royal Court Theatre. How did the play get adapting-in the historical/ cultural context?

Conversely, unlike some major theater works in literature the Antigone adaptation by this producer was centered on the historical and cultural context of the Ancient Greek society. The adaptation pursued the old traditional lifestyle of the Greek people and titles to help the audience understand the politics tragedy in the society and heroism theme. The quality of preserving the original context and setting of the play makes it authentic and commanding to the audience as little or no adjustments were done to dissuade the subject of the drama.

Questions 3: What did you learn about Antigone from this adaptation

From the adaptation, I understood Antigone is essentially unconnected to the modern politics that overwhelms the present civilization. The theme of the play arises as a consequence of the profound clash at the epicenter of the drama. The adaptation stretched my scope of understanding of the setting in which the play was set given that its performers are fashioned in an era when there were political troubles in the 1980s and 1990s. Moreover, the play adaptation was simple to explore than reading the text and articles written by Sophocles in 442 B.C.E.

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