Hillary Boat Habour

According to the Australian branch of transport, the boat harbour named Hillary was a good development. In Perth, it has become a thriving commercial, tourism, boating and leisure development. It offers protected cafes, restaurants, tourist sites, commercial, retail leisure, swimming beach, and marine activities. Annually it attracts over 4 million visitors who come for their spare time and recreational needs. Directly, it has employed over 1,200 individuals (Perth). However, it has all come at a cost. This paper appears at the costs having the harbour while also discovering solutions to them. Despite the financial challenges facing the Hillary Harbour, the administration can tone down the expenditure. The managers could absorb staff from Breakwater tavern. They can also employ competent staff to provide quality services to make sufficient revenues. With adequate income, the entity could cover its costs while also making profits.

Economic Costs

Investing into the amenity was to be a substantial financial investment. With the intended facilities and facelifts, the entity was likely to use a lot of money. Despite the massive investment, it was not a guarantee that the harbour would make profits. It is the duty of the management to employ competent staff. This will enable the provision of quality services thus enable profitability.

Environmental Costs

Mostly, the residents and the community as a whole were concerned with the destruction of the ecological and natural features of Perth. The harbour was seen as a facility which would deny residents of their safety and natural swimming beach which was seen to be a beauty. The locals were proud of the attributes of their underdeveloped, natural but beautiful scenery of the coastline. To protect the region from environmental harm, it is the duty of management to provide quality managerial services, a variety of foods, friendly staff, and eco-friendly facilities and also a high quality design of structures and infrastructure (Decision of Director of Liquor Licensing).

Socio-cultural costs

The development of the harbour was aimed at creating a recreational facility. It would attract many tourists due to the fun activities. However, this could translate to more sales of alcoholic beverages thus increasing the supply of alcohol. As a result, alcohol related crimes were likely to go up thus creating some social problems. The facility was likely not to be in a position to control the behavior of all its patrons. However, the management could put some measures such as employing its security staff, controlling the levels of music and observing the rule with regards to the hours of drinking. This would help solve the social-cultural harm that was likely to be caused (Decision of Director of Liquor Licensing).

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