Heritage in Culture

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Cultural heritage can be described as an indication of the ways in which a culture grows and passes on to generations. Cultural heritage is generally traditions, beliefs, sites, artifacts and activities in the form of artistic expressions. It also provides a concrete image of a given community’s system of values, customs, beliefs and lifestyles. I’m a spiritual heritage of the south.
I am fond of southern culture with three attributes. First, the tradition in our family, passed down from generation to generation, was southern hospitality. It means to show grace, compassion and warmth to others. Drinking sweet tea is one of our oldest and exceptional traditions. Festivals are the third attribute that I like about our cultural heritage. We have many festivals and fairs throughout the year. My most favorite festival is the Southland Jubilee which is a day-long heritage arts festival that takes place in Greensboro which is the heart of historic downtown. The festive is celebrated on April 15 every year since 1998.

On the other hand, there are stereotypes that are associated with the Southern cultural heritage but do not apply to me. Foremost, racism has been associated with the Southern, but I am not a racist. I respect and appreciate everyone regardless of their physical appearance. Secondly, many people from the south are football fanatics. However, I am not a fan of football. Finally, redneck is not a word in my vocabulary. I do not like it when people use the word since I find it offensive. Altogether, I am happy and proud to be a Southern with such a rich cultural heritage.

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