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We live in a world full of needy people, especially in developing countries and, for instance, in those countries affected by war and violence. There are many causes for poverty, such as laziness, lack of education, disease, hunger, war and violence, storms and other disasters, and many others. Helping each other is an act of humanity that shows empathy for those who need our assistance. We are more blessed when we give others than we receive, as is mentioned in the Bible (Acts 20:35). Those that are charitable to the poor will be repaid for their good deeds by giving us more in exchange, as mentioned in Proverbs 19:17. In my paper, I would like to talk how we can help the homeless and those who are in need of food. We need to differentiate between feeding the hungry and solving the poverty problem. We can feed and help those who are homeless, but because we cannot this all the time, we need to use influence and create jobs, educate and provide training for needy and may be elect people who are sensitive to the needs of the poor.

According to Bendapudi, et al. (1996) charitable organizations play a significant role in a community both economically and socially. These teams need a lot of resources so as to be in a position to help many people as possible in the society. This is not easy for them as they struggle so much to distribute enough to those who require their help. Some of these organizations are funded by countries which are economically stable and have allocation for donation in their budget every year. United Nations, European Union, Japan, and China are examples of donors who fund organization or countries so as to help the needy. If these organizations have difficulties in implementing their mandate, what of an individual who would want to give a hand of charity as a result of being touched by how homeless and hungry people are suffering out there? This did not kill my will to help the needy as according to my understanding what is important when someone wants to help is the willingness one has not the material things you have.

I was very touched by this story of street children whom I met as I was going to do some shopping downtown. I could not brief my eyes when I this girl with one brother and one sister who were abandoned by their parents at the age of three. The elder brother was nine years; the sisters were seven and six years respectively when I met them. What shocked me most is that six-year-old girl (the youngest) was the one who was taking care of the others as they had polio, so they could not walk. These children by the look in the eye you could think they were four, five and six years respectively as they were small in size and fragile. The youngest girl was a bit healthier as she was the one carried the other two, look for water and food for them and wash them. This part touched me most as this young girl was bright enough to see her siblings were dirty and clean them even if she could not afford food for them. What about you and me? I did not have much, but I managed to take these in a fast food shop and bought some food and drinks for them. Later, I approached a well-wisher who was also touched by this story and was eager to see these children and bought some clothes paid rent for a single bedroomed house for them as they used to live in a tent. The chain did not stop there, I was one when I saw these children and now were two so we joined hands and looked for other people who were willing to help and formed a group of twenty people.

Up to date, we have done much than we expected as we have gone ahead to help even other needy families too. The economic and social impact that comes from helping someone is sometimes overlooked, but it means a lot to those people out there who need our help (Bendapudi, et al. 1996). The street children now have that of being part of the society. Despite the fact that two of them cannot walk, they have something to eat (which is a balanced diet), clothes to wear and somewhere comfortable to sleep. Besides, they have well-wisher to pay for their school fees too. In school, they socialize with other children, and they forget the bad experience they had and feel being part of the community despite being disabled. When the two who are affected by polio walk on crutches, they remember that there was a time when they used to be carried by their younger sister, being fed and washed too. Now that they are energetic, they can move around and do most of the things by themselves, thank God, and God showers blessings to those who did well to them on his behalf. As it is in the bible that we are taught about, I was hungry, and you fed me, I was thirsty and quenched me, I was naked, and you gave me clothes.

As Fisher, et al. (1981) states that providing help is a self-enhancing experience when we give a charity hand, we also enjoy too. Let take an example of a street boy who was abandoned by his parent at the age of five. If this boy gets someone to help him to go to school, feed him, clothe him and give him shelter, who knows what that kid will become in future. In most cases those children who are taken from the streets they work very hard and turn out to be musicians, comedians and very prominent people in the society. These are same people who inspire other children who come from well off families, and they are not working for the hand as they have everything they want. Because the work they do they are paid well, they pay taxes, which the government use to develop the economy of a country and thus improving the living standard of many people. What is that child is not helped and become a thug? Who will suffer? It is the same person who saw that kid needed some help and ignored. As I had said earlier, give, and you will receive, and there is always a reward for that. You may not get it yourself, but maybe your siblings or children will be blessed instead.

I have talked much about giving material things let me now talk about giving the most precious thing that God has given everyone, “time.” Your time is the most valuable gift you can give to your brother, mom, dad, children and your God. When you are doing an exam and you are told the time is up, you wish the examiner could add you even ten minutes to finish the question you are doing. Some people say time is money, but I see it being of more value than money. This is because, if today I give ten dollars you can pay me back if you want. What about time. As the saying goes, “time wasted is never recovered,” and that is I say time used well especially visiting someone who is in need is more important than sending money to someone in need. The two street children who were being washed by their sister needed someone to help this little girl, wipe their tears and give them food. Providing soap, food, clothes and shelter was not enough, but it was necessary for the group we formed to go once in a while to see how the kids were doing and give them the help they needed. At times we may not have money to help the needy, but we have other things like clothes and shoes that we do not wear, we can share them with less unfortunate people in our community. We should not stop there and say we have nothing at all because we have time we can spend with those who require our help out there. For those who have much, I have this to say. You might be taking your children to school by helicopter, going for shopping overseas and doing great things to your family but your presence with the member of your family is more important than everything.

When we help the needy, we are blessed, but we should also think of how to minimize such cases so that we may have few needy people in our community in future. To reduce poverty, we need to do things like empowering women to transform lives. This can be done through business training and mentor them. Women are found to be more successfully in eradicating poverty but what they need is business skills and to be confident. When women are busy in entrepreneurship, it helps them to solve their problems. For example for those women who get unwanted pregnant and they have no one to turn to for help, they can use the money they are getting in their business to support the child. This will minimize cases of children being left in the streets, children will be educated, and this will help to lift the family out of poverty. Such women have dignity, they depend on themselves, and they are self-sufficient. For those who are very keen in their small business, they can expand it and end up employing people and thus improving the living standard of other people and help to develop the economy of a country.

Many countries who are giving donations can also help the poor countries to the number of needy people by withdrawing some of the less important programs and put more money in developing them. For example, money donated for creating awareness on abortion, use of contraceptives and buying of condoms could be used to train more women and any person who is interested in learning entrepreneurship. Some of this money could be used to sanitary pads for girls who come from remote areas, some of whom have never used or seen them. By doing so, this will improve their living standard; people will get money through the businesses they will start to educate their children. Parents will afford balanced diet food, the right clothing, and shelter and provide excellent health facilities. With a healthy society, people will help to build the nation.

In conclusion, we do not need to rely so much on a donation from other countries. It is you and me, we join hands and help our neighbors who are in need and contribute to be dependent in future so that they will be in a position to help others too. Let us always remember this verse (Acts 20:35) in the Bible which says we are blessed more when we give others than we receive. My question is, how many times have you given? To give something is not always money as most of the time we think of but even your time is precious to someone in need.


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