Healthcare Knowledge Management

The development, use, and transfer of expertise in the healthcare sector are part of healthcare knowledge management. It also aims to ensure that projects in this sector are completed on time and within budget constraints. Proper documentation is one of the technologies involved, as it provides the proper guidelines during the implementation of innovation.
Project charters, for example, are a driving force in healthcare knowledge management. They entail establishing a project management discipline in healthcare, particularly in innovation centers. It is generally made up of people with experience in the field and people from other disciplines who have the skills needed to advance the healthcare sector. Some of these people are well-known designers. who are considered more innovative as well as free spirited when compared to the physicians who are likely to be more conservative medicine wise.
According to the video, status reports are also an important tool as they provide clear guidelines on what is to be done, within specific timeliness by utilizing the available resources. These reports clearly state the expectations from every stakeholder within the project. They ensure equal participation of all team players to see that the progress and also the deliverables are within the timelines. With this in mind, every individual, especially the busier ones like the physicians are well prepared in advance and can manage themselves to fit within the provided timelines. Eventually, every expectation is clearly communicated, and this helps to eliminate possible confusions. Such expectations also ensure flexibility is achieved since each will have enough time to prepare and also communicate with others on time in case of changes to be done or implemented.
Lastly, preparing these reports would ensure that the material available for handover for implementation is in full detail with no unclear requirements and without any gray area. The implementing individuals can fully rely on these documents to implement and innovation within the healthcare discipline or even within other disciplines with minimal hindrances.
Consequences of Lack of Healthcare Knowledge Management
Without Knowledge Management in Healthcare, the most evident result would be the provision of the same level of care for decades without improvement. As a result, there would be no change ever seen or implanted in this sector. Additionally, no innovation would be implemented, and this will see the sector left behind as the world progresses. More so, the physicians might also never develop or even learn a new skill, which would result in little or no growth.
Furthermore, lack of continuity would affect the healthcare sector. Since there would be no written information to be passed on, every new physician would have to start their projects, and the pending projects would remain unsolved if the handling physician left a specific healthcare or hospital. As a result, there would be numerous uncompleted projects within a healthcare which would indicate a lot of wasted resources including time. However, with the right guidelines, even if an individual left a specific hospital with a half implemented project, an incoming physician would be in a position to continue the implementation to completion.
Lastly, another result of lack of healthcare knowledge management would be ineffective communication. Without clearly stated guidelines of expectations, timelines, and available resources, the stakeholders would be in a state of confusion. There would be no unity in projects’ implementations. Each would result in doing their things which would eventually affect the progress, quality and even the deliverables of each project. Also, a lot of resources would be wasted, and targeted goals might never be met.

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