Group Politics Engagement

There are models of community authority, like the elite and the pluralist. The origins and essence of the force distinguish them. The pluralistic model focuses on how to share power. The authority is spread in various places among several persons or communities where different representatives hold power. Power is divided and distributed, according to pluralist values, where communities provide more powerful means of representation (Dye, & MacManus, 2015). Similarly, few persons who rule with limited input from the public hold influence in the elite model. The model predicts that economic prosperity will favor individuals.
Their primary goal is growth.
The city managers and mayors are the most prestigious and vital people in local government. Therefore, they both have numerous roles. Mayor acts as the principal spokesperson on behalf of the council, carry ceremonial and civic task in the office of mayor, supports proper working conditions between the councilors, and guide councilors on what is expected of the councilors. On the other hand, city managers are entrusted with administrative duties typically to supervise expenditures and development of budgets (Dye, & MacManus, 2015). Likewise, they perform management functions by planning, proposing, and executing policies. Similarly, they represent professional staff at the meeting and conduct public hearings.

Participation in government occurs in numerous ways. The primary forms include serving in the elected offices and voting. In many countries such as in the United States, an individual is eligible for voting and the age of 18. Similarly, serving in the elected position requires an individual to identify problems that citizens are undergoing and finding solutions. They are the representative of the areas, which they are elected. In a local election, the voter turnout is low as most of the citizen chooses not to participate unless the process will have a straight impact on the families (Dye, & MacManus, 2015). To sum up, participation in community power and politics have a significant effect on the economic growth of an area or a country.


Dye, T. R., & MacManus, S. A. (2015). Politics in states and communities (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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