Griefs and Happiness

Human beings in their lives face ups and downs. Griefs and happiness are two moments of life. We neglect some of these moments as time pass by while others depart an eternal impression on the mind. We enjoy the moments of happiness whilst the times of mourning and distress plummet us into anguish. Life has countless moments of happiness dispensed through our lives. Some of these moments can be defining for us. Such times could be graduation, falling in love, memorable trips, wedding ceremony among others. I have witnessed a good number of moments of happiness seeing that I was born, but one instance looks to stand out from the rest. This specific case that helped me define happiness was the birth of my son.

I remember distinctly the day he was born. I was quite panicky for the unadorned reality that my life had changed and would never be the same. In a little while, I would no longer be called Hillary, but instead, I would adopt a new title. I would be known to my friends, family, my newly born son, and the entire world as a ‘mom,’ a name that I would share with so many women all over the world. I would abandon my life as a teenager sooner than expected.

The experience of delivering a baby came to pass and what I was left with was facing my new life. This would be the defining moment in my life. Not only my son was born, I too was reborn. I felt different. Yes, I was born several years ago, but all this time I subsisted as a woman, not a mother. At my thirty years old, I am aware I had a life before, but to my dismay, I do not remember what it was like. I was continually looking for the best source of happiness; my purpose of living and when I had a son, I found it.

My love and great joy in being a mother have come as a result of my son enhancing my life in various ways. Being a mother makes me feel complete. I cope with multiple tasks, act as a counselor, remain my sons best friend, act as a comforter, and remain an active disciplinarian to my son. Motherhood has made me a stronger woman who knows joy even when experiencing hardship. Mothering has taught me how to be a responsible human being. This is not a simple accomplishment.

Above all, bringing a new soul into the world is the happiest moment in life as children are assumed to be ‘normal’ good (Aassve et al. 2). Since giving birth to my son, I have always had confidence knowing that there is that somebody who acknowledges that I am an important person in his life and he has got my back too. Even though I derive the greatest happiness from my son, there are so many challenges that mothering poses. For instance, I had to drop out of work after birth. Overall, this does little on the happiness of a childbearing (Myrskylä and Rachel 26). Some of these problems push me to the wall, but whenever I find myself in such situations, I invite God’s mercies that help me sail through.

Although I have only been a mother for four months, I feel that it is my most significant source of happiness that I have ever obtained in life. When in poor moods, I just look and smile at my son, and when he smiles back, my life gets better. He dictates my needs and wants as all of them are centered around him unlike before when my decisions were solely derived from what I needed and wanted.

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