Graph of Spending Value

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Graphical Representations of Data
Source: Wall Street
The graph explains the trend on how personal spending increased between March and April. The vertical axis shows the percentage of the expenditure change while the horizontal axis indicates the period. People spend more in April than in March because of an increased level of income at that time of the year. For example, the spending rate in March is about 1.5%, but the value changes in in April to 2.4%. The graph also shows that the spending rate on a Monday is quite higher at about 2.5%.
The editor chooses to use graphs because they indicate the important lines and associated numbers. The line graph indicates the trend on how people spend their money within a specified period. Therefore, simple calculations can be evaluated using the figures represented on the graph. Professional presentation requires graphs to indicate the data in a simplified manner. The graph is appropriate for quickly presenting visual data. It shows the relationship between the data and time. For example, the above graph indicates the relationship between percent months of the year and spending rate. People seem to spend more in the middle and end of the year. In the beginning, the graph records low rates of spending but continues increase with time.

Merely reporting of the data limits the editor since there is no proper representation of the trends. The audience cannot understand the trend and changes quickly. It is not easy to interpret the provided data without an appropriate graphical presentation.

In conclusion, the graph provides accurate financial records, trends, and changes that facilitate data analysis. The graphical representation is relevant since it applied depending on the type of data and information. It provides a visual presentation of the recorded data.

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