Grand Plan of the United States

Northern Korea wants to launch a nuclear bomb on Japan USA and South Korea. Gaining economic and financial freedom is the key reason they use violence. The US Grand Plan guides all of the country’s money to invest in political warfare. The analyst claims that in five years, North Korea will use a nuclear bomb to wipe out the US. South Korea and Japan will both be affected by it. Some of the war’s worse results would involve the northern half of Shoel having the most hit. The hit would depend on the warheads of the rockets. This missile would kill South Korean urban centers. The launch of the nuclear will lead to several people going on a hunger strike. The people will be displaced, and most of them will die in the process.

The resources to stop this war includes the military troops from USA, South Korea, and Japan. Other countries like Russia will be in support of the USA. Therefore, they will bring more resources (Posen 100). The diplomacy from United Nations will also be involved in the stopping of the North Koreans from sending the missile (Ross 48). China has tried to make talks with the government of North Korea, but there are no fruits. China has decided to use its economic and diplomatic influence of northern Korea to quell the threats but all in vain (Posen 102). The USA has deployed a terminal high altitude area defense system in South Korea to defend South Korea from missile strict.

What we can work within this crisis is to use the military to destroy the nuclear missile. The USA should be able to ensure that it has enough bomb missiles and electronic warfare plan to eliminate North Koreans air defense before they deploy the heavy bomber. The government can also keep on trying diplomacy to see if the state of Korea will use peaceful talks to end the war (Posen 105). There is an option of an economy whereby the other countries can stop trading with North Korea.

Some of the challenges that might emanate from the war are; many people will lose their lives. Since Japan, China, USA, and Russia are the superpowers in the world, the economy will go down. In case the USA is the first to attack North Korea, the government of North Korea may retaliate with a more powerful machine to destroy its enemies. North Koreans threaten the US that they have hydrogen nuclear which is more potent than the missiles (Ross 35). If the plan of Northern Korea fails then their leader will face the kind of torture Saddam Hussein met. The president will face the international criminal law for defilement of human rights (Posen 99). In case of any inaction, Northern Korea will take over and destroy the four countries. The American people will not support that fact that the government won’t do anything about North Korea.

I recommend the president to use force to stop the North Koreans from launching the attack. The government of USA can stop the missile before they send it with cyber capabilities. The strike will cause a lot of havoc in the economy that we have struggled to build for the past decades. It will take ages before people recover from the attack by northern Korea.

Works cited

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