Graffiti artists

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Graffiti artists are typically adults between the ages of late adolescence and mid-thirties. This group often uses graffiti as a means of expressing their feelings about problems that impact the community.
Graffiti Art Promotional Factors
Figure 1: Factors that Encourage Graffiti Use
The graph above identifies some of the driving factors that lead people to participate in graffiti art. According to Hauser (2017), the hidden essence of this art is caused by many critical group problems, but such questions are met with fear. Most graffiti content, according to research, addresses some of the political injustices that occur in a particular setting (Hauser, 2017). Subsequently, they are those that do it for fun exceed those that address social issues.
Hauser, Christine. 2017. “Teenagers Who Vandalized Historic Black Schoolhouse Are Ordered To Read Books.” Retrieved June 16, 2017 (

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