Government Doesn’t Do Enough to Help Middle Class

The government supports the middle class by providing them with free or subsidized medical care, employment opportunities that provide job stability, improvements in government administration, and other benefits that enable them to grow holistically.
According to a Pew Research Center poll of 1500 adults, 62% believe the government does not do enough for the middle class. Even political parties lack strong edges when it comes to championing middle-class interests. The Democratic Party is seen to favor the rich more while it was seen that the Republican Party equally favors the rich and the middle class. Since the recent recession the middle class have said to have been neglected despite them also having needs which need to be taken care of.

The middle class have said to have been unhappy with the administration of President Obama since their priorities are not emphasized as much as for the rich since they place more emphasis on education and the economy and less on social security, terrorism and jobs. The number of income earners in middle class has almost stabilized in comparison with the lower-upper class income earners as compared to past times when the middle class were the majority. The attitudes of the country as a whole are reflected within the middle class with them seeming to share common sentiments of Obama’s administration and them echoing concerns by the public relating to national security and tourism. This however is soon to change with the implementation of the new governance under President Donald Trump.

According to those surveyed, they claimed that the top priorities which need to be analyzed and implemented are developing strategies to mitigate terrorism and the economy being strengthened. This view was also shared by the general public. The middle class also when compared with the rich class are more proponents of the war against criminal activities as well as this being largely propagated by those in the lower-middle and lower-upper classes. The middle class also are proponents for improvement of the job situation as well as the government reducing costs of healthcare with these being top priorities (Parker, Doherty and Jocelyn 2016).

The middle class is defined by job security and having abilities to save. However, despite the claims that the government not doing enough, there is also a general uproar that the government does not do enough for all people across the social classes boards. Most when asked to comment across the classes said that the government was doing too much for them instead of it focusing on channeling that energy into helping them achieve success in different fields. There are significant differences between the view of Democrats and Republicans however lead to the same pool of conclusion that they do not do enough for either of the classes. The issue of job security however has been resolved by the administration creating numerous job opportunities for people across the states.

Across social classes however there is self-satisfaction among the middle class with this being facilitated for mostly by them having some sort of job security. This allows for them to be able to be able to pay for mortgages therefore allowing them to have a house and having access to good and quality education among other benefits. They are also able to have access to quality healthcare at affordable rates with the administration government having set up policies such as the Obamacare health plan and other pans which have helped in subsidization of medical costs.

Different people in the social spheres are also satisfied greatly with their jobs especially due to standardization of minimum salaries which are payable as per the different job groups therefore they are protected from extortion and are given their dues as they deserve them. Also, most of their jobs offer then benefits such as healthcare insurance and allowances covering for housing, transport and other costs. Having good financial situations due to their jobs also helps them to be able to have good financial statements which assists them in applying for and approval of different amounts of loans across financial institutions. This therefore gives them a platform where they can be able to develop themselves through them getting financing from financial institutions (Parker, Doherty and Jocelyn 2016).

Most of the middle and upper class are able to sustain their cost of living with them being able to budget well for monthly costs as well as their jobs allowing for them to live comfortably. Also due to them having good education opportunities they are able to see the difference between there being plenty jobs and availability of good jobs in the marketplace. They are therefore better positioned in choosing out a good job which can help in their sustenance and provision of their needs to enable them to live comfortably. Them being in good jobs allows for them to have a good financial status and helps them develop a culture of saving which plays an active role in securing their future.

Work Cited

Parker, Kim, et al. Most Americans Say Government Doesn’t Do Enough to Help Middle Class. Pew Research Center, 5 February 2016.

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