Google has influenced our culture by altering how things are done.

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The globalization of media following WWII has an unparalleled effect on the political dynamics within the media industry. They have an impact on how a given culture is created, minimized, and disseminated in a global context. As a part of media imperialism, privatization and restructuring of the media sector have only resulted in massive media control. This has resulted in a concentration of influence among media organizations.
Google serves as the people’s main search engine. The transformative search engine has had an effect on thinking in both constructive and negative ways. Google’s function is to unlock vast fields of knowledge to thresholds. Therefore it’s true to say that the explosion of this form of media has allowed accessibility of different types of links. Google has authorized the students to incorporate large array of information for their research projects. Similarly, Google has allowed tracking of the stock market and has also provided people with unique opportunities for advancements. Information has been digitalized into pieces thereby attracting minds and hearts of people (Andy). Use of Google as a search engine has helped students accomplish their studies in so many ways. Google success has been attributed to placing information at the fingertips of its users.

Through the use of Google, there are so many helpful data that are contained in different websites that regard the respective query or topic. Students often consult these sources to offer documents that can be of advantage to their studies. The data available in the Google should not be simply copied for plagiarism but students take help in enhancing their frame of knowledge. The students paraphrase the data and information from Google for learning purposes (Jonathan).

Google also offers so many books and journals that are present in the internet that is helpful as secondary book references for the students. Students therefore have exposure to these books and journals and don’t have the need to buy them for their studies. Students will always search for the book and download the content they need. This makes the students to gain more clarity regarding the concepts in their studies.

Through the use of Google, there are many websites working to improve the communication skills to those students with poor communication or those who find it difficult to deal with languages. Such students can easily get help from contents available in Google that’s a major concern to them. When they keep these contents, they find it easy to deal with language thus improving their education and subsequent level of studies (Mark).

In many cases, the students have attested that internet is the cornerstone of their lives not only in school projects but also in every subject that matters to them. This is because the students are taking their online habits and expectations to deep into their lives even after college and has the potential to lead to significant changes in leisure and work.

Google plays a successful role of advertising for opportunities as its results allows the companies to companies to produce highly targeting campaigns that benefit both the consumers and businesses. Advertising services has benefitted small businesses through targeting people who have expressed interest in a particular product. This makes consumers to see adverts relevant to their needs (Andy).

The digital transformation has convinced the people to be of understanding and has increased awareness of issues that the previous generation did not access. These consequences are not only affecting peoples understanding but also impact on human cognition. The net search engine has led to intellectual laziness as studies have indicated decreasing trend of memorizing textual information due to presence of Google.

Google search engine through Gmail has help in accomplishing two major things. First by virtually eliminating restrictions on the amount of email that can be stored and second, has made searching email to be easy from the many emails received. Even today, the email can conveniently keep information since offers a space to do so. They can be archived in the servers until the information is needed by the owner (Mark).The interconnectedness has led to rapid dissemination of memes whether they are harmless or not.

When a query is phrased through proper parameters, a wealth of information can be obtained from the Google. This includes unannounced information that is hiding at the corporations’ websites or in government records. Google thus contains variety of data ranging from good to bad information that can potentially damage reputation. This means that world’s greatest population realized the bad side of having this search engine full of information at someone’s disposal. Google takes the worst and best form of stories of a given in a similar manner and throw them into a list. Its upon the user to select the story of best insight (Jonathan).

The Google effect study has indicated that people can poorly recall knowledge from their memory if they realize that the knowledge can be easily found on the internet. This information has been made available through hyperlinks and links. As a result, the internet search engines are making people to lose their memory due to the fact that the information can be easily retrieved from the internet. Traditionally, people gathered information from friends, coworkers and relatives or even classmates. Now with Google with its effect, people are avoiding discussions with colleagues and friends. They are much more dependent on computers using Google to search for variety of information. As a result, this has decreased personal dialogues. The trend used doesn’t not allow memorization of data that is accessible but instead use the space in the brain for something that is worthwhile (Rama).

Using Google has a negative effect of reducing critical thinking skills and causing injury to people’s emotions. Since there is already accumulated information, people tend to rely so much on such pieces of information than using their brain to think. As enhancement of education is allowed by Google, it focuses only on practical thinking type of education. This is different from liberal knowledge that involves critical thinking. Critical thinking is only useful in the process of decision making because of allowing the essence of peoples’ intelligence (Jonathan).

Google acts as an example of how the internet serves a virtual community that affects the lives of everyone mentally. As a result, people cannot feel empathy because of witnessing tragic events because the internet has taken the responsibility to discipline the viewers in order to accept this as a form of mass entertainment. This kind of discipline serves as a tool of enforcing a type standard. Therefore, Google has the potential to produce collateral damage to mind of people that serves as a negative effect.

One of the surprising facts is that Google has failed in influencing some key areas such as shopping. The search engine has failed in figuring out how a list of prices should be indexed using one product without accessing the related products. There is lack of research that examines the effects of the search engines on brains of the users. Some argue that with use of these engines to easily access information, we have more space in the brain. However, use of Google and other search engines has lead to great potential for education by making the curriculum to change accordingly. Availability of internet has enabled online education where teachers don’t interact physically with the students. The contents of the learning are thus made available through the learning portals (Douglas).

All in all, Google has really eased the access of online information it people to change a bit the way people think. This is because sometimes people may be so busy and have a false security of something just because its availability in Google. As a result, people move forward rather than rolling around to understand the idea in question.

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