GMO, The False Science of Biased Scientists, released in the Health Bearer Journal on March 12, 2014, criticizes a group of scientists who claim to have been bribed by international pesticide corporations to endorse the latter’s “destructive” acts. The paper tends to be against the unapproved use of “GMOs” under the guise of “legal” and “checked” imprints. The writing is mostly effective in persuading readers of its contents, and most significantly, it uses a variety of methods that, when combined, make the paper persuasive.The discussion begins with a look at the power wielded by pesticide companies, who use both hard and soft power to retract critical studies and articles that appear to devalue their products. Seralini is one of the scientists who has been caught up in the power struggle. Consequently, several of the writer’s (Seralini) articles have been withdrawn from Elsevier Journal. The paper then lists the horizontal gene transfer as opposed to vertical gene transfer as the genesis of highly inflammatory foreign proteins. The article sums up different views agreeing with the results conducted from various animal-feeding studies, and from the article’s presentation, the paper is convincing.

First, the paper is well structured. A strong thesis statement starts the discussion and sets the way forward on matters of falsified scientific media. Such media apparently appears bent on making the public buy “theirs” no matter the dangers posed by these “safe products.” The thesis statement introduces the article’s body that is also segmented by clearly defined paragraphs and sub-headings. Also, the work style promotes easy comprehension or understanding the article’s content. The author separates the paper into two major sections with the first part laying the foundation of the bigger picture while the second part delves into the several minor issues. The approach mentioned above affords the reader several perspectives on the matter, especially those readers who lack a foundation in the matters of GMO and gene transfer.

Besides, the author appears to harbor genuine concerns. He applies a mixture of logos, ethos, and pathos to win over the perspective of his audience. For instance, by referring to prior research studies, such as the ones by Jefferey Smith, the author builds on his credibility. The approach helps cement his authenticity especially that the referred materials come from peer-reviewed sources. This approach assists readers to position the study on a successive period. Then, by bringing up the story of a man on dialysis treatment, the article manages, although in a limited way, to appeal to the audience’s emotions. Also, the fact that the paper was written less than five years ago shows that the contents are not outdated and most likely they are in line with the relevant trends and thus contain reliable information.

Further, the simplicity of the paper makes it suitable to the average type of audience that is not scholarly. The simple outlay not only promotes easy readability but easy understanding and analysis of the content. For instance, the article is free of scientific jargon words even though it talks about matters founded on technical and complex fields.

Overall, the paper is sufficiently persuasive – the author observes simplicity and comes out genuine to present a reliable and credible information, which is characterized by excellent reasoning. Nonetheless, the paper could have been more useful if the author tried to appeal more to the reader’s emotions than what has been presented. All the same, after reading the paper’s contents, readers are more likely to agree with the writer’s perspective.

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