Globalization Research

This precept is based on viewing the world as a level platform concerning commerce in a experience that all participants have equal opportunities. The relevance of this concept is observable in how technological advances have facilitated connections and collaborations between individuals and organizations. A vast range of possibilities for commerce have been developed, and companies have tapped into these swimming pools increasingly while working towards environment friendly and effective transactions. From an economic point of view, the drift of goods, services, knowledge, and value for money to consumers has prolonged both vertically and horizontally across the globe hence turning into the basis for competitive strategies that facilitate success in the current global market.
Impact of the Flat World Concept on Supply Chains

Today’s modern retail supply chain can be compared to a river. Unlike traditional linear supply chains, priorities have seen significant shifts towards the alignment of companies with the ever changing business dynamics. As such, organizations experience the flattening of supply chains by sourcing from emerging economies while at the same time focusing on revenue development in international markets yet to be chartered. Simply put, technology is applied to streamline sales, distribution, and shipping (Jullens). Since the old approaches have become extinct, the current fluid networks allow the design, manufacture and distribution of goods and services anywhere and on any region’s schedule.

Impact of Trump’s administration

The America’s administration’s current themes involve restriction of movement of people including immigrants and Muslims. Such strategies are likely to yield negative outcomes. For one, the inflow of people for other purposes including education and tourism are affected. Secondly, outbound flows may take place for those who would want to escape the impending strict policies. Businesses and organizations are likely to feel pressures related to reduction in human resource and reduced sales among others. Companies such as airlines, wire transfer firms and duty-free stores are most likely to experience direct impacts (Ghemawat).

Works Cited

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