Girl Child and Women Position in the U.S.

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This is a query that has always lingered with logical thinking in my mind and, possibly, in the mind of any other girl and woman. I learned during my childhood and schooling time that women are regarded by U.S. culture and the world as sex objects. In films, movies, ads, and magazines, to name only a few, they appear nude, frail, and submissive to men. Men, however, appear cleverly dressed, descending, commanding and strong. About the age of thirteen, a teenage girl is more obsessed with her beauty than anything else. In reality, in order to stay slim and sexy, most girls underfeed themselves. What’s the Solution?
Firstly, women in American culture are portrayed as weak in comparison to their male counterparts. As a teenager, I have witnessed real incidents of societal stereotyping whereby the masculine gender is considered of greater power and capacity to handle the powerful responsibilities within the society. Am greatly perturbed by the bitter concept slowly engulfing the society in demeaning the girl child as well as women especially in politics whereby we are only perceived as sex objects. In order to prove otherwise, I chose to pursue my career in the theatre and performing arts which have suffered immense inclination towards the male gender. This is vividly based on the fact that most movie directors are males with females taking a small percentage.

Secondly, girls and women should be encouraged to wake up and occupy positions of merit and respect like men do. They need to dream and work towards achieving milestones like men have done as writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, actors, theater, and performing art. It is evident that men automatically assume most of the leadership roles in these occupations. While women are poorly paid and allocated only a few low placed roles, men receive multiples of what women receive even at equal positions. I don’t mean to be taken as having a natural dislike for boys and men rather as an appeal to the society in general and men, in particular, to develop more value for women and allow them to prove themselves.

Thirdly, the media in form of video, music, promotions, magazines, and advertisements have generally depicted women to be sex objects. The society advocates women to beauty, slimness, and attractiveness befitting well as sex materials. I find this disturbing given that such require heavy investments in time and resources with the output being almost valueless. Such media advocacy can be contained if strong regulations against such vice are formulated to guard the image of women.

In addition, women need to be taken with value of potential leaders fit to occupy leadership positions at the corporate and political realms. It is an abomination for a woman to occupy a position of power the U.S. and the evidence is clear given to the few women MPs, Senators, and Governors in the Congress and never a woman president in the history of U.S. In the just concluded U.S. elections, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had to sustain all kinds of abuses, mockery, and prejudice only typical to a woman. Occasionally, men referred her as a “bitch” or beautiful and pretty to constantly remind her of her place in society. She didn’t triumph against Donald Trump in the end. This is very sad for women and calls for the U.S. society regardless of gender to start valuing women and have respect for them too.

In summary, these few examples show what needs to be done to elevate women to the level they ought to be in the society of U.S. and world over. Women need not be cowed by social injustices done to their processors but brave towards great achievements as I plan to in my career in Theater and Performing Arts. Men should brace women as of equal potential and value what they can do.

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