Gender Stratification

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The Senate’s decision to pass a bill requiring women to sign up for the draft on their eighteenth birthday is justified, ensuring they can be welcomed to enter a war if necessary. Women have been battling for equality in society at various levels for decades. However, because of an existing prejudice based on their gender, they have been denied such chances. The first move in eradicating the stigma to provide an opportunity for women to join any profession without eliciting mixed reactions would be the clause enabling women to join the war if necessary. The United States has never elected a female head of state from either political party because of existing prejudice against the female gender. There is an overall misconception that women are less capable of handling senior political offices. This is an attitude that has been held for decades and has since then been across generations. The effect is that women vying for elective positions such as the Office of the President of the United States will face a setback. This is attributed to an adverse attitude against the female gender. They have been perceived as being lesser compared to the male species. Those voting will do so under the guidance of the attitude they have against the women. It explains why women have not yet been elected to the office of the president of the United States.

The American values and traditions have contributed significantly to the feminization of poverty. The belief that women are incapable of executing certain tasks and duties denies them opportunities. They are not able to access job positions or opportunities that would help in transforming their lives. The effect is the feminization of poverty.

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