Gender Inequalities

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John Collins provides a storytelling forum in the film, Emma Talks, which discusses social issues that individuals can relate to. A collection of social stories related to women and children are combined with gender indifferences in the film. The presentation is often made to help individuals focus on specific problems that concern them. The tales are told with coded messages from multiple angles to illuminate what individuals do not know. The film begins with a story about a girl who has made an amazing discovery that has changed the view of women in society. The story warns people of the worst that can happen when women are denied their freedom and expression, sense of responsibility and appreciation. Women recognition in the context of family and society promotes love and satisfaction in the nation. The maple syrup discovery led to the unity and appreciation of women. A community that appreciates everyone equally creates a generation of loving creative, innovative, interdependent and self-regulating community-minded individuals (Collins).

The concept is useful in understanding the gender binaries. The idea propels one to rebel against the permanent colonial reality of outdated traditions and beliefs. Society should not profile individuals by sex and gender to limit what some might or might not do. The reason for disintegration is the fact that some will be disadvantaged. The film warns against any form of structural gender inequalities that keep people apart. The author wants children to be respected and live an enjoyable life without gender bias complexities. The film advises that it is essential for children to be encouraged to do great things differently. Children are significantly affected by gender discrimination because they grow up not knowing what is right for them (Collins).

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