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In recent years, the population of homosexual parents has risen considerably. It was a tabu for gay people to have children in the last ten years. The situation changed when the gay community held meetings at which the homosexuals, who had children, discussed how to raise their children. It is also implied that gays are free to exercise their status. The increase in the population of homosexual parents can be explained in that the artificial fertilization facilities and donors can be used on a variety of occasions. Regardless of the prohibition of artificial fertilization, most hospitals are taking care of gays who would like to have children of their own. Some of the practitioners are also ready and willing to conduct such procedures to help the gay people have their children (Hank and Salzburger 866-876).
Presently, the gay parents boast of the right to raise their children. The debate is however maintained on whether the gays should have the right to have their children. First, it is believed that gays affect the development of children adversely. The behaviors that gay parents impact on their children are quite negative and affect the development in the same manner. As such, children who are brought up by the gay parents might have psychological or mental deviations. Therefore, the fact that gay parents can raise children is perceived to be associated with negative results such as the inappropriate development of the children.
Moreover, gay parents are perceived to be incapable of raising children properly. Since such parents are amoral, they are believed to lack the ability to instill ethical issues and values in the children. As such, people who are against the legalization of the existence of gay parent_x0092_s claim that such parents do not need to have children of their own since they cannot guarantee proper and moral upbringing of the children (Hank and Salzburger 866-876). Additionally, children who are raised by gay parents are likely to having difficulties when it comes to inheritance as well as the acquisition of civil rights. Additionally, the children are likely to be bullied by their peers in schools hence they might end up dropping out of the schools or engaging in immoral activities such as drug abuse. Finally, church marriages do not encourage gay marriages hence indicating that the biblical perspective does not equally like gay parenting.
Other people support the existence of gay families and gay parents. They argue that the legalization of gay marriage is forward moving as well as an indication that everybody has equal rights under the law. Similarly, they hold that gay partners should have the same rights to raising children just like couples of opposite sex. Additionally, those who support gay parenting hold that it is high time for churches to approve gay parenting and gay marriages because all humans were created by the same God and deserve every initiative to achieve happiness regardless of their gender (Mallon).
In the modern times, and especially with the fact that democracy is valued ahead of the other forms of power, everybody deserves to have the freedom that is bestowed upon them. It also deals with gay marriages as well as their right to raise children. Some people assume that gay marriages are more successful as compared to the traditional marriages. Therefore, they hold that children who are raised by gay parents are likely to be happier than those who are raised by opposite sex. However, such kind of a perception is only the reverse side of a medal. Regardless of the studies that have been done on the psychology of children, nobody can tell the exact things that children need. As long as gay marriages have been legalized in some countries, the right to have children should equally be accorded since raising children is one of the fundamental goals of marriages (Mallon).
Gay behaviors are mostly associated with patriarchal traits of ignoring the opposite sex. In the modern times, gay parents have met humongous controversies and opposition on their legitimacy to raise children. As such, most of them have ended up in the court battles in pursuit of legal recognition of the Gay marriage as well as gay parenting. Parenthood is one of the most valuable experiences in a human life. A huge percentage of married couples often desire to become parents and nurture a new generation. Homosexual parents also fall in this percentage since they are well able and capable of being responsible guardians. The society should be challenged to create a favorable environment as well as provide the necessary support and rights for gay couples (Mallon).
In conclusion, gay parenting is an issue that will continue to spark different kinds of reactions among people in the modern societies. The legitimacy and morality of such marriages have remained to be questionable for quite some time. The bottom line of the matter is that in countries where gay marriages are legitimate, the right to raise children should be equally accorded.

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