Friendship Discussion

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Friends every now and then are very troublesome and tiresome to have since they will constantly lead to boring questions like they want to know where your work is, whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, whether you are honoring your dedication toward your friend or your job.
Other friends will force you to things that are not good like they will either pressure you to go to clubs sometimes in the disco where all manner of secular dances are being practiced and still force you to use drugs like alcohol or smoking cigarettes. There still that friend that has gradual talks like always taking about unworthy sex experiences that they have been worried in. All this will destroy your life.
How do life expectations of sex and gender contribution to conflict?
Due to a distinction of cultures in the world, gender roles are also differing as from one community to another. This gender role affects places of our stay, workplaces and the places of our studies (schools). In the past, most of the cultures women were just administered to kitchen and housekeeping roles while a man was given all other key roles duties like a provider, protector, leader and the maker of every decision in the family. As a leader, the man was given every kind of education he required and taking dominant in every workplace and leadership. Unlike today every sex is considered the same, given the same education and position in the workplace. This step has given some men greater challenge as they find it too difficult for the also accept and appreciates ladies since they feel so diminished. Communities and countries are findings new roles and duties to solve these challenges and bring them into balance.
What are lifestyle factors that contribute to your longevity?
Longevity can also be considered as life expectancy in the life of a person or the period one life. Life longevity can be contributed by various factors in life such as genetics which the researchers have shown that between 20-30% of life expectancy is contributed due to genetic variations. Environment factors as another factor are based on human consumptions, what we feed on, and physical activities. This factor affects the human healthy social life that might cause low or long life. Changes over the time is another contribution; once a person can control some of the expectancies like environmental factors that involves consumptions and physical exercises he or she can increase life longevity.
What are the tips for success in STAT course?
For one to be very successful in statistics courses they can distribute study time instead of having a mass time of the study. This involves setting up like 2-3 hours a day of study for a week. Secondly, one can be involved in group study where there is verbal intangible and interpretation of concepts, and this will help in a deep understanding of the concepts. Another way is to try to study and understand every concept by using statistical concept techniques by looking at formulas. Apply also the concept of working out many problems and exercises repeatedly. Since we have recurring problems, this will help one to formalize with statistical problems thus making it simple to solve any other given problem. Careful following the above tips will lead to success in STAT course.

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