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1. Four female in red walked to the podium, where the people have been already gathered for the two-hour speech.
2. Then I heard the siren blare, where the ambulance appeared to save the existence of the old granny who lay on her bed in the small house.
3. She raised her hand, her wide eyes reflecting her certainty.
4. The feather mattress beckoned me, inviting more sleep that morning.
5. Five sparrows huddled near the birdbath, with their loud irritating chirping sounds.
6. The speaker paused, making anybody in the room silent and gazing around at each other.
7. Joan may want to play the piano for hours, she was a very talented young girl.
8. The historic man’s eye remained fixed on me, revealing the confidence they possessed.

9. Ocean swells moved rhythmically towards us, with the waves bringing out such a beautiful scene.

10. The little girl stood at the top of the stares, she had been abandoned by her mother.

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