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GDP and trademarks

The government employed the linear regression approach to determine the link between the two variables. GDP1115, the GDP from 2011 to 2015, is the dependent variable, whereas trademarks TM9195 is the independent variable. This strategy necessitates the development of a hypothesis stating that the movement of the variable GDP1115 is...

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Promoting YOU as a Brand

The types of values that we believe in, represent, or stand for, as well as what you are able to supply consistently over time, are what we need to know when considering YOU as a personal brand. Individuals need to treat their personal brands as their trademarks in their line...

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Sales Management

The largest craft brewer and sixth largest brewer in the United States is The Boston Beer Company Inc. (BBC), also known as Samuel Adams (SAM). BBC was listed by Forbes magazine as the 26th "best small companies" in the nation in 2012. The company produced a total of 64 distinct...

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Searching For a Trademark Online

A trademark is a piece of intellectual property that identifies the source of a product and distinguishes it from competing products. It can be a recognizable design, sign, or expression. It is the property of the trademark owner, who can be an individual, business organization, or legal entity. This article...

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