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The Return of the Taliban Summary

Some security experts anticipated that the nightmare would eventually reorganize into potent groups in Pakistan's neighbor Afghanistan after the Taliban's defeat. In the film, Pakistan is depicted as the latest terrorist hotspot where the Taliban and Al-Qaida have established new command centers out of the reach of American armed forces....

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About Terrorism

On October 7, 2001, the United States of America declared terrorism to be a global enemy against which all civilized nations would have battled. The primary goal of the United States was to combat al-Qaida and its centers in Afghanistan, which were secure at the time by the Taliban authority...

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Child Terrorism Curbing

Shane Smith, Thomas Morton, and Ryan Duffy's documentary Vice examines how the Taliban uses youngsters as human shields, bomb-makers, and suicide bombers. This conversation will be centered on the first episode of Vice's first season, in which the team traveled to the Philippines and Afghanistan to examine how young people...

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the insurgence of kashmir

State Rebellion and Insurgency in South AsiaState rebellion has sparked a lot of concern in today's regional and local conflicts. While the idea of insurrection remains unclear, the asymmetrical violence and guerrilla tactics synonymous with insurgency have accrued insurmountable political interests. South Asia is thought to be a spawning ground...

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about kashmir

As a philosophy, it is fair to say that insurgency has sparked a lot of curiosity in today's conflicts. Despite ranges from asymmetrical violence, irregular warfare, and moves that question the writ of various states for political reasons, insurgency remains an undefined term. In relation to this article, South Asia...

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