Espionage is the process of obtaining top-secret military or political intelligence from a foreign government. The cold war is known as the "era of espionage," when the United States and the Soviet Union employed spies to gather and transmit extremely sensitive information. The Office of Strategic Services was abolished and...

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The CIA`s Covert Involvement

Generally speaking, covert action refers to any operation carried out in secret that has an effect on politics, society, or the economy. There is a widespread perception that events planned in secret are successful. This is the major justification for why the United States and other countries around the world...

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Monitoring adversaries or spies, stopping their work, and giving them false information are all parts of counterintelligence. Since the end of the First World War, Federal Bill of Investigation has participated in counterintelligence operations. Several Nazi spy rings were revealed by the Federal Bill of Investigations during World War II....

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What Does a Spy Do?

Spy agents work for governments, and their main purpose is to collect information. They do this by listening to secret conversations and by using special equipment. This equipment is connected to telephone lines and allows the spies to intercept conversations. According to the Macmillan English Dictionary, spies can be either...

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