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Espionage is the process of obtaining top-secret military or political intelligence from a foreign government. The cold war is known as the "era of espionage," when the United States and the Soviet Union employed spies to gather and transmit extremely sensitive information. The Office of Strategic Services was abolished and...

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The CIA`s Covert Involvement

Generally speaking, covert action refers to any operation carried out in secret that has an effect on politics, society, or the economy. There is a widespread perception that events planned in secret are successful. This is the major justification for why the United States and other countries around the world...

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Trump Administration

Donald Trump and his team made no secret of their desire to get off to a fast start. As soon as they took office, they began setting the groundwork for funding a border wall with Mexico, repealing Obamacare, and reducing federal regulations. They have since discovered the limitations of presidential...

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The US secret service is an agency under the Homeland Security

The United States Secret Service is an organization within the Department of Homeland Security and has two primary functions: prosecuting financial fraud and protecting current and former presidents, their vice presidents, dignitaries, and visiting political officials, as well as their families. The task of protecting the country's head is one...

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Andre’s Mother

The play is about the death of Andre, a young man who is being mourned, and the people who were loyal to him who attend his funeral. Cal had a near secret friendship with the deceased man. The motif of secrecy enters the frame, with only the two understanding how...

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Data Breach and Identity Theft

A data breach is a security breach that results in the unauthorized publication of data as well as its wrongful modification, damage, and failure. It is a security incident in which sensitive information is deliberately or inadvertently leaked to an untrustworthy setting. This data may be copied, viewed, distributed, hacked,...

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