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The Rise and Fall of Quebec's Sovereignty Movement

Introduction From west to east, Canada has ten provinces. Quebec province is one of them, and the only province agitating for its sovereignty due to several factors such as ethno-nationalism character, religious differences, and assimilation (Duerr). Parti Que'necois is the primary mainstream political vehicle for the movement which has governed by...

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Discovering Quebec, Canada's Largest Province

Canada's largest province is the place where we find the French language. Its newspaper industry is strong, with more than two dozen daily publications. Additionally, there are over 200 periodicals and weeklies published throughout the province. The province also has more than 30 publications published in languages other than French...

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The Culture and History of Quebec

Learn about Quebec's culture and history. Learn about its geography, Native peoples, politics, and agricultural industry. Then, you'll know what makes it so unique. You'll feel like you know the place like a local. There are a lot of reasons to love Quebec, from the natural beauty to the diverse...

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