Essays on New Urbanism

history and urban design

Many meanings have been used by various scholars to assign context to urban architecture. Each author has developed his or her own explanation to provide a greater and deeper understanding of the topic, and therefore these writings demonstrate the difficulty and multidimensional existence of urban design. Any of the authors'...

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Graham and Simon Marvin on splintering urbanism

Splintering Urbanism is one of the analytical papers of the network business. The essay professionally incorporates recent knowledge on sustainable planning as well as conjectural perspectives into the world of engineering. Graham and Simon Marvin's illustration of vital networked networks, as well as technical versatility, is a concept that seems to...

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The three theoretical maxims on contemporary entertainment

As expounded by Chatterton and Hollands, the three theoretical maxims of contemporary entertainment are production, control, and consumption. In an ideal urban nightlife, these premises portray the happenings. This essay would concentrate on how the article by Grazian maps the theoretical structure outlined by Chatterton and Hollands. To meet the expectations...

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