Essays on Global Change in Asia


In the intellectual lexicon of East Asia, which was only developed after World War II, modernity is a comparatively new concept. Together with Western imperialism, which was primarily defined by military aggression, the idea of modernity was introduced to the East Asian area. For East Asia, modernity meant embracing the...

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The 1997 financial crisis

The East Asian area suffered a significant economic setback as a result of the 1997 financial crisis. While most governments in this region have implemented policies to reduce the likelihood of such a catastrophe occurring, this article contends that another financial crisis is unavoidable. This, however, may take longer to...

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Aspect of East Asia development

Many economists have been startled by the extraordinary expansion of most East Asian economies during the past fifty years, which has prompted the publication of numerous articles and books that attempt to explain the phenomenon. Many books and articles have been produced in an effort to explain why East Asian...

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Adapting to Climate Change in Asia

Asia's Leadership and the Looming Threat of Global WarmingAsia is a global leader on decarbonization and climate action, but it must take bolder steps to meet the looming threat of global warming. The region, which accounts for almost half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, is also one of the...

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