Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is a well-known American author who specializes in short stories and novels. Francis’s works have been described as evocative of the Jazz Era, a word he coined himself. Francis is regarded as one of the twentieth century’s best authors. Francis was a member of the ‘Lost Generation’ before entering the publishing business. Francis uses a range of styles in the presentation of his works, including similes, diction, language, tactics, and syntax. This paper would examine four of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s works in order to assess the effectiveness of his writing styles. However, Francis expresses the most part of his life by use of fiction and allegorical qualities. Francis Scott has a unique writing style that captures the mind of readers. He uses inspirational style and other techniques from the idols of authors. The strategy is aimed at capturing the mind of the people with a meaningful and deep message. Writing entails structure, style,
The love of the last tycoon
The love of the last tycoon is a novel hat was written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald with the aim of explaining class in the society. The people in the plane are from different classes with different morals. However, Cecilia Brady was in the plane with her father’s friend together with two filmmakers. The character of one f the filmmakers deploys the character in the society of committing suicide. When the plane took off on the return flight, Schwartz stays behind for committing suicide due to the fear of Cecilia’s father. However, before committing suicide, he had left behind a note warning Monroe about the character of Cecilia’s father. The symbol of class is demonstrated by the fear posed to the father of Cecilia.
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald has used the aspect of natural calamities in the presentation of his work in the love of the last tycoon. When Cecilia visits the studio, an earthquake occurs that ruptured the water and caused flooding. During the process of the business of shooting a film, Cecilia and Stahr fall in love the same night. Stahr is a talented man who has the ability to manage almost everything in the studio. However, people have different talents that are used differently. Despite Stahr assigned tasks with the stockbrokers, all the writers developed trust towards him.
Tales of the jazz age
Tales of the jazz age is a novel that is a collection of short stories full of fantasies. The collection of the stories is a way of explaining the evens that occur within the society. the collection of the stories are eleven in number. An example of a short story that is fond in the tales of the jazz age is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The essence of accepting things and letting them happen at the right time is more important. People are advised, more so the young generation to go slow and wait for the right time. As Benjamin grows up, the woman by the name Daisy comes and goes in her life. Despite the many times she was on-and-off, Benjamin had hopes that the right time will come for them to come together forever. The hope kept Benjamin being optimistic in life and taking the required pace.
The Beautiful and Damned
The novel focuses on the pre-World War I period and analyzes the theme of power and greed. The features expressed by the two main characters, Anthony and Gloria include haughtiness, vain, and self-obsession. The end of the story is the ruining of a society with money. The themes of love morality, money, and decadence have been explored in the novel. Francis has structured the novel on a platform of power and money. However, the fight of money is facilitated by the fact where Anthony is not included in the will that his grandfather left for the distribution of money.
The essence of power is seen when Anthony starts to fight for the inheritance from the grandfather who never included him on the will. The dreams of Anthony becoming rich from the inheritance are shuttered. Same way, the world is in a state where money is the most precious thing that people work to earn. Apart from getting money, power is another consideration that the people want next after they have accumulated money.
Violence and brutality are exposed by the family members and they are well illustrated by Francis. He describes arrogance as the scenes keep changing in the novel. The style of presenting violence in the society through family chaos and the fight for wealth represents the people in the world and the perception towards money.
This side of paradise
The style of imagery has been used in ‘This Side of Paradise’. Important descriptions have been illustrated with similes that help in understanding his unique writing style. Several learning experiences by Amory have been focused on the novel. However, the major theme in the novel is disappointment or disillusionment. As humans grow and pas the stages of life, disappointment, and trials are inevitable. The young American men who were coming of age underwent so many errors after trying to work out tings but they fell on disappointments. As much s Francis uses imagery in ‘This Side of Paradise.’ The sociological changes in the early 20th century are discussed and illustrated by the young men who live on a trial-and-error way of getting into adulthood.
The structure of the novel is set on the young generation that is growing to learn and experience tings in life. However, the anxiety of wanting to taste everything in life makes them fall victims of failure due to the trial-and-error method of doing things. Lies and exaggerations are the key factors that are illustrated in the novel and how they lead the young generation to the wrong direction. The charismatic character of Amory directed m to chose a high school that he felt had the freedom he wanted and the activities practiced. However, the character of Amory made him not to have friends for the first weeks in St. Regis School due to his egotistical personality.
Socialism is another style that is illustrated by Francis as a way of making the young people learn on how to live in the society. The World War I was a factor that the two boys discussed, Burne Holiday and Amory. Rather than Amory being paten to learn and get directions from the people he feels to be intelligent and superior than the rest hence leading to lack of direction in his studies. The morals in the society are passed from one generation to another hence Amory was supposed to learn from those who are elder than him.
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald demonstrates the highest quality of the use of writing styles and the expression of themes as they unfold in the society. every detail about the stores developed by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald are well illustrated and unfolded. The writing skills and use of style is a reflection of the level of expertise that is dominated by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald who is one of the best authors in the 20th century. The irony in the works of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is shown as he writes about the rich people yet his perception towards money is complex. The struggles that Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald goes through in search of money to aid in the publication and printing of his works send a different signal to the readers from what is written in his books. The journey to the success of his work as a writer was faced with internal and external obstructions. The obstructions included money, resources, and personal affiliation.

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