Finding your way at the Pittsburgh Zoo

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG is a great place to take a wonderful view of nature. Visitors can take on a tour of the zoo without stress due to an organized communications system. An impressive visual language is used to indicate the locations of important place like the restroom. The park is designed with a circular path with starting and ending points A and Y respectively. Its circular path makes it easy to navigate through as it serves as a base point and an origin. Its structure has been scheduled to be redesigned. In the new design, the structure would be circular but there would be a lot of things that separate it from others. It will be repetitive to help people to move around with ease. Visual messages in the park will be written in different languages to allow visitors from of the zoo to maneuver with ease. At the entrance there will a huge map designed to attract the attention of guests, which will have a detailed topography of the location that will allow the readers to learn about major destination of the park. Conspicuous land marks will be installed to ensure that visitors know where they are in the system. The map will have landmarks that will help the visitors to memorize the design of the zoo. Also, next to the entrance there will a direction room where visitors will learn about circulation system of the park. The room will have a big screen that will give visual instructions and directions to the visitors.

Different paths will be painted with different colors to allow the visitors to distinguish feeder paths from the main one. Green dots will be painted along the path to guide the guests. Also, the circulation path will have distance symbol that will help guests to understand how far they are from the entrance. Further, the layout will help the visitors to understand the distance between the destinations. In addition, there will markers at focal points and places that correspond to junctions. Moreover, there will signage at intermediary location to assure visitors that they are in the right directions. Principally, the markers will be viewed from any position. Furthermore, there will be hangings that will mark different destinations. Pictograms will be used to reinforce the hangings.

Essentially, there will be emergency response centers and information desks along the circulation path. In addition, there will be a talking system to assist the visual language for the location. Also, alarm systems will be installed along the circulation path. Primarily, the zoo has 9 sections. Therefore, at the entrance of every section there will be a map which will give an outline of the segment.

In addition, the nature trail will have animated signs that encourage environment conservation and give additional information regarding the zoo. For example, where there is a stinking smell, there will be a sign that says what’s that smell? The sign will catch the attention of the visitors. Moreover, the nature trail will be accessible to mobility-challenged people and elderly people. In general, the design will offer comfort and easy access of the zoo. When people have an east time maneuvering around the park, they will concentrate on the rich beauty of the zoo. The marking will help in identification of main areas and paying attention to details.

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