Film Analysis: The Paul Lynde Show

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Many people viewing the Paul Lynde Show today suggests that bedeviled to collapsing because Lynde used to be not flung as a father and married. His sexuality was now not a secret during his lifetime; star’s off-screen passion used to be not a problem. Lynde was solid that is; he was an alteration of his prominent function of Harry MacAfee, the agitated patriarch at a loss with the less old era in the stage and film versions of “Bye Bye Birdie.” Lynde fails to play the function of the stereotypical transsexual. Thus the claim he could now not act “straight” is ridiculous.
Another problem evident with “The Paul Lynde Show” was that it used to be a disproportionate lump. Lynde had all the funny lines which were all both plain and simple. He milked in his trademark snide delivery and sing-song voice. All the characters seemed to dominate and exist to supply him set-ups for punch lines; for instance, Allen’s case, when his character arrived at the home at the end of the day she greeted him with martinis. Lynde’s material which he was to give among the most contrived and weakest of his profession. A flat joke: Lynde peers at the hippie girl suspiciously when she offers brownies claiming that it was her grandmother’s recipe. He declares to her, “Who was your grandmother, Alice B. Toklas?”

The series could be improved by making it more familiar and real. Use of fake people with fake set-ups may hinder the improvement of the series. Use of facts, real-life situations and the inclusion of viewers may trigger it to be more realistic thus more development will result in the show. It will lead to increased number of viewers.

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