Fight Club movie analysis

“This is your life, and it is coming to an end one second at a time.”
This quotation occurs in a montage scene in which Jack is on a journey as a result of the job he is expected to do. The scene is illuminated by narration in Jack’s accent. The activities following the montage series show Jack feeling lost and unaware about what time zone he is in as he prepares to board his flight. In this quotation, Jack reprimands himself and seeks to discern the nature of his life, which he feels is not making the best out of it. He believes that the years are passing by yet his life lacks any purpose. The narrator in this scene is cognizant of the fact that human beings are mortal beings and will eventually die. Nonetheless, he is objective about death and views it as an event that needs to challenge an individual to undertake their daily activities while recognizing the fact that life is not indefinite.

The quotation was used to highlight the manner in which time was of the essence for Jack to initiate milestones he needed to achieve. Every second of his life was important and he was required to account for all the time he has lived. This scene was tailored to relate to the lives of everyone, in general, to actively take charge of their lives in order to make the best out of it while recognizing that time is important.

“We’re consumers. We are by-products of a lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty, these things don’t concern me. What concerns me is celebrity magazines, television with 500 channels, and some guy’s name on my underwear. Rogaine, Viagra, Olestra.”

This quotation was made by Tyler in the movie after Jack came to know that his apartment was destroyed. In the scene, Jack was meeting Tyler at Lou’s Tavern. The quotation seeks to shed light on the manner in which the contemporary society contains misplaced priorities such as keeping up with the ever-changing trends. Tyler’s utterances further highlight the way the mainstream media is out of touch with the reality in the society as it only lays emphasis on entertainment as opposed to the important issues in the society.

It is quite ironical that Tyler is charismatic while conversing with Jack yet the latter had lost his condominium. One would expect that he would be sympathetic and seek to advance suggestions to remedy the situation. The quote also seeks to bring out the point that most people are not concerned with the social ills that affect them such as prevalence in crime or poverty but are obsessed with keeping up with the lifestyle trends.

Though the movie was released around 18 years ago it relates to the current events where people are concerned with celebrity gossip or other entertainment events as opposed to the current economic, political and social problems. Most of the lifestyle issues usually get more airplay in the media as compared to the pertinent issues in the world. This quotation serves to highlight the importance of creating meaningful relationships that will help in the event that someone is faced with a predicament. It further states the importance of associating with visionary people who are able to see the world in a bigger picture and are not entirely amused by the flashy lifestyle they see on the television.

“I can’t get married – I’m a thirty-year-old boy.”

This quotation sought to explain Jack’s view on adult life. He made the utterances while having a conversation with Tyler. The sentiments that he expressed resonated to his friend due to the fact that they were both victims of absentee fathers who had very minimal impacts on their lives while they were growing up. They, therefore, lacked the father figure who could guide them and teach them how to become men in the society. That might be the reason why Jack still refers himself as a boy yet he is already 30 years of age. It seems that he is not prepared to get married and have a family of his own.

The current trends in the society showcase that the basic family unit has been eroded and there is a sporadic increase in single-parenting. This is either due to the decay in the moral fabric of the society or the fact that most people do not wish to take responsibilities. Some of these reasons have left the family unit devoid of one of the spouses and the consequences are clearly seen when the children grow up. Some either feel that they lack the masculinity or feminine aspects due to lacking either of the parents. Others often end up disliking the opposite gender due to some of the experiences they underwent due to the absenteeism of one of their parents.

Another reason why the movie opted to use the quotation might be to highlight the fact that there are people within the society who are adults yet they have childish tendencies. This caliber of people seems to have no particular focus in life and often lack the drive to achieve their basic goals in life. Jack and Tyler seem to be a manifestation of this type of people.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

This quotation was specifically made by Tyler in order to teach him a valuable lesson. The utterance was made after Tyler used lye to burn his had as Jack watched. He advanced the idea that in order for one to finally meet the targets they have set they need to be prepared to let go of all the encumbrances that would deter them from their desires. Some of the things that one needs to overcome are personal fears, friends or a person’s comfort zone. Letting go of these things is not entirely easy due to the fact that they are dear to a person but it is important in order for one to progress.

It should be noted that in order to be successful, one should be prepared to experience immense pain as Tyler felt but should not relent in their quest. Tyler sought to ensure that his friend understood that pain was inevitable and very necessary and therefore Jack should accept it in order to find his true self. The entire society requires some form of ‘chemical burn’ in order to change the various ideologies or beliefs that deter it from becoming successful. Finally, the society needs to have dissenters who will challenge the ineffective customary modes of doing things and steer the masses to be able to embrace change.

Work Cited

Fincher, David, director. Fight Club. Fox 2000 Pictures, 1999.

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