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In America, media racism is certainly current. For so long time, it has literally been around that it has become the standard in the history of the country. However, when it comes to political problems, it is more rampant, and skyrockets during an election year in particular (D’Alessio, 2012). Even in the recent polls, when over half of America’s media houses were on Hilary Clinton’s side, this is clear. In trying to display just the good side of Hilary, they did their best, though at the same time trying to discredit her opponent, Trump, as much as possible. This tends to affect society as a whole and how they think about a particular subject. Watching or listening to a certain kind of message initiates the domino effect, where people start believing what is being broadcasted one by one.

Second question

The internet has changed the news coverage in the US more so in the fact that most of it is now digital. Back in the day, people used to rely on daily newspapers and the evening radio broadcast that used to run for about an hour or so. Nowadays most media houses like The Washington Post have gone digital and one can access their content using their smartphones.

The benefits are that internet sources are fast and one can follow a certain coverage live, instead of waiting for the evening news to get updated (OECD, 2011). The drawback is that many news stations compete for viewership on the internet to increase their ratings. As such, they will tend to twist the stories or even make up some of them just so as to keep their viewers entertained and hooked.


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