Fashion Film Response Worksheet – Introduction to Fashion Studies

Fashion Film Response Worksheet – Introduction to Fashion Studies
This is the film I’ve chosen to discuss.
The Real Price
Since I don’t want to lose any points, I’ll use the necessary course text to analyze it.
“Raf Simons Speaks to Cathy Horyn on the Pace of Fashion” by Cathy Horyn (Week 13)
I also need to relate my fashion film to course topics, so I’ll discuss the following other ideas/themes/topics from the Fashion and Display course (Week 11)
I can also use these texts to examine my fashion film (found in my course syllabus) based on the ideas/themes/topics I listed above:
There are no class names.
What does my fashion film communicate about the ideas/themes/topics I have chosen? How will I demonstrate this in my paper – what evidence will I use (list specific examples)?

It argues out that in the quest for fashion success on the runway, companies are blinded by greed leading to mistreatment of factory workers.

It also points out that the quest for display has led society to become addicted to fashion thereby consuming it without giving considerable thought of their actions.

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