Mama is more sympathetic to Maggie than to Dee. Apparently, Maggie sustained burns during the inferno that burnt down their first house, and mama says that she was ashamed of the burn scars down her fingers and legs. Mama is not hostile to Dee, however she is not comfortable with her preferences of life. She feels that Dee hated their previous house and had fun when it burnt down. The family values that are in the tension between Mama, Dee, and Maggie, involve self-acceptance and the thing of embracing change. Mama and Maggie learnt to cope up with their new way of life after their house burnt down, and they strive their level best to make their new home better but Dee was not comfortable.

Question 2

It is true that I would prefer to be Dee than Maggie. Maggie is a character who has decided to live a life of her own despite the challenges that are at her home. She is educated and has decided to take life positive, and she seems to have a better lifestyle. She advocates for a better way of living for her mother and sister and tries to usher them into the new reality of life.

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