‘Facts and Arguments’ Piece by Juliana Martine peer review

Juliana Martine's key concern in the article 'Facts and Arguments' is 'What do people use to describe motherhood as an ideal? The paper starts wonderfully with a personal introduction to who she is, how she dressed her dolls as a little girl, giving her a fair view of the ideal of motherhood. She taught all the tasks that a mother is supposed to know, such as cooking, weaving, washing, and baking. Juliana became a nanny at the age of eleven, which inspired her peers to call her mom or say that she will be a great mum, considering the fact that she has no children or plans to get there soon. I believe that the fact that she gives a personal approach to the topic makes it an interesting and relevant paper.

The paper is easy and clear to read due to her choice of simple language and words. One does not need to use complex grammar to raise a point but careful choice of words is important in ensuring that the reader will have an easy time when reading and not waste time looking for meanings in the dictionary. There are a few grammar mistakes such as using an incorrect plural verb are with a collective noun group of moms in the sentence, “…in which a group of moms are fed up with …” Punctuation marks in the paper are correctly used except the use of commas where some sentences lack commas or commas have been wrongly placed. Examples of the wrong misuse of commas include the sentences” … had a way with kids, and...” which uses an unnecessary comma in a compound predicate. The general organization of the paper is good but not excellent due to the lengthy paragraphs.

The arguments and conclusion offered in the paper merge with the evidence provided by the author. Additionally, the arguments provided addresses the topic. For example, some of the reliable evidence include mothers watching their kids playing in the lawns as they cook and clean, the TV series ‘Bad Moms’ and Fergie’s music video M.I.L.F where different moms are portrayed in different ways. Being a mother is not an easy task and there no right way to do it. Every mother has a different view of how motherhood and most moms learn as they go. The conclusion that the author arrives at, that is, ‘Leave Moms Alone!’ is thus consistent with evidence provided.

Figures and tables have not been included in the paper. The areas of research that have not been addressed or argued in this paper include a view into the lives of normal moms. The arguments that have been used such as ‘Fergie’s Music Video, M.I.L.F’ and ‘Bad Moms’ may not provide an accurate account since most producers are after selling their videos and not describing what real life motherhood is. In order to iron out this issue, the author can conduct a research to determine what people around think about motherhood.

The main strengths of this paper include the author’s attempt to address motherhood as a contemporary issue. The use personal approach and relevant literature strengthen the evidence presented. Some of the weaknesses include grammatical errors, punctuations, and overall organization. Generally, the paper is good and the few errors can be corrected.

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