Facebooks, Twitter and Instagram against each other

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms serves as a tool for marketing, communication, and education service (Salomon, 412).
There are differences between the mentioned social media service platforms, and we will disclose these differences in the following paper. We start by pointing out the differences in these social media services platform and then further dissect the various services they offer.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram promote efficient communication among its users, making It easy for communication to take place between different people at the shortest time possible. However, most of the information conveyed can reach a wide range of people. That makes social media the most efficient means of communicating.

However, all three platforms promote creativity among its users, since what is offered on Facebook is the same in both Instagram and Twitter. Since the services share the same target groups, a person may begin an idea which he or she is sure will work across the different range of people (Danielle, 423). Creativity outlined by all three platforms has initiated programs operations which have developed our entertainment industry.

The resources also share similar ad features making it much sufficient in relaying information from one person to the other. All three platforms have created public awareness through several features. However, a person can receive news, sports, business and educational information via these platforms.

Just as the services share similarities, there are also differences between them. One of the significant differences in the platforms includes their performance ratio. Facebook has a more substantial fan base across the world making it more efficient platform for communication and sharing marketing services. The Twitter platform comes second as the most sorted after rig in the social media fraternity, and the last is Instagram. Facebook is still considered the best platform for advertisements, educational and communication services.

Majority of the Twitter and Instagram content targets the age group from 18 to 35 years while Facebook accumulates all people irrespective of their age (Sterling, 425). Most of the Twitter users are businessmen, politicians, and marketer. In reaction to that Twitter cannot meet the particular demand of all users in the market due to its purpose. The Instagram platform targets more active users due to its features which represent the perception of young people.

Speaking about advertisement services, Facebook and Twitter offer the better product to their users compared to Instagram. The reason is that, for example, Instagram increases conversation rates to its customers. If you want to land a page the experience must be 100% optimized for mobile users. However, Facebook services offer 20% optimized rates users making it much efficient in handling operational functions (Greg, 425).

All the things considered, compared to the other platforms Facebook tends to be ahead regarding the services it offers to the clients. Facebook is a developed social media platform which is very useful in the today’s world.

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Salomon, Danielle. "Moving on from Facebook: Using Instagram to connect with undergraduates and engage in teaching and learning." College & Research Libraries News 74.8 (2013): 408-412.

Sterling, Greg. "Pew: 94% of teenagers use Facebook, have 425 Facebook friends, but Twitter & Instagram adoption way up." Marketing Land (2013).

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