Exposure to the stressor

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Stressor sensitivity is both a hospital course for children and single infants. Reduced parietal and frontal brain width, temporal lobe functional connectivity and altered diffusion measures (Neonatal intensive care unit stress is associated with brain development in preterm infants). In addition, behavioral disorders, particularly neurobehavioral testing, may be present. Exposure to this stress may be detrimental to children.
However, due to prenatal and neonatal treatment, recent decants have improved as a result of
Smoking affects the growth of the infant and the allotment of their mother. Their current and future lives are influenced by this. For example, nicotine will be absorbed in respiratory tract into mother’s blood stream, which by diffusion goes to breast milk .nicotine has the half-life that is about 97 minutes. Nicotine is absorbed a little from breast milk, which is higher in blood stream than active smoking. Effects of cigarette smoking may lead the mothers less likely to breastfeed, breastfeeding in short time and less initiate breastfeeding. The mother should see the specialist and be guided how to avoid the drugs and how to use is the need be there.

There are services needed for preemies will include physical therapy, occupational therapy speech and language, vision, hearing, nutrition, medicine and social work.

Smith, Gillian C., et al. “Neonatal intensive care unit stress is associated with brain development in preterm infants.” Annals of neurology 70.4 (2011): 541-549.

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