Experiment with Photosynthesis

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During photosynthesis, mild is absorbed to provide strength and aid the breaking down of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen then reacts with carbon (IV) oxide to structure glucose. The plant then rejects oxygen as residue (Hoefnagels, 2015). The breaking down depends on the mild intensity, which varies by wavelengths. An instance is a green light, which plant life do not take in and reflects it again to give leaves the inexperienced appearance.
Three primary pigments take in light in the course of photosynthesis. The first is chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and carotenoids. Chlorophyll a, is the primary pigment that absorbs crimson and blue light. The leaves then reflect the different light sources that they do not need for the process. Two remaining pigments are not very active in this process of photosynthesis (Hoefnagels, 2015).


Five sample of seedlings of bean plant will be used in the experiment. The seeds, planted under similar conditions will be in the same environment for a week before being taken for the tests. One will be in darkness, the other in natural light, the third, fourth and fifth will be under red, blue and green light bulbs respectively. All will be covered with some test tubes for 24 hours to allow measurement of oxygen produced in each case. It should be easy to detect which samples give the highest volume of oxygen, with the first comparison between the green light and darkness. The natural light, blue light, and red light also show the differences in the strength of light beams. Natural light should show the maximum utilization of absorbed light beams.


Hoefnagels, M. (2015). Biology: Concept and Investigation (3rd Ed). New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Education.

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