Exergy concept application

The planet has become a global village due to a growth in the world’s population, and this has intensified demand for power as well as pressures on how we can satisfy these needs while ensuring that environmental impacts remain tolerable. Article; implementation of the principle of EXERGY in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry by Ricardo Rivero discusses some of the ways by which EXERGY research can be used effectively without damaging the atmosphere and ensuring that oil processing plants satisfy the highest demand for energy in the most ethical manner (Rivero, p. 5). In this article; the author suggests more than a few ways in which this can be achieved such as efficiently innovating power generation systems that would meet the 21st-century demand for power which according to the author ought to be based on internal details. One of the main things outlined in this article includes but not limited to energy reduction degradation through the use of thermodynamics. Through this concept; the author argues that it will allow put into considerations the most critical three E_x0092_s model which mainly consists of energy, economy, as well as ecology (Rivero, p. 15).

In the article; application of the exergy concept in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry by Ricardo Rivero one of the most discussed issues in this section is how to curb the increased demand of power across the globe. According to the author; the global population is fast increasing, and this has prompted the quest for more energy production that would meet the demand for power. Based on this, this article outlines some of the fundamental means that can be utilized to ensure this demand is achieved in the most ethical ways as well as without harming the environment (Rivero, p. 18).
The quest for the availability of high exergy energy while minimizing climate impacts is so innate that it cannot be ignored according to the author of application of the exergy concept in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry Ricardo Rivero. Over the past years, the population has increased, and therefore the need for increased power has also been on the rise which requires energy producing plants to produce more power to meet this demand. Based on this, the author acknowledges that there needs to ways that will ensure the respect for the environment is retained. By stating this; the author suggests the first application of energy exergy concept which was mainly the IMP which is primarily directed towards the design of combustion equipment (Rivero, p. 58). During this phase; the author suggests the design of the naphtha which is designed to reform units of the Tula as well as the Salina Cruz refineries. According to the article; this is what ecological as well as scientist refer to an exergy analysis of the reactors feed heater which was conducted during this project. Based on the article; this equipment is now in operation and can be found in most refineries and mainly consists of four radiant cells, a steam generator as well as a steam super-heater which is often in the convection zone (Rivero, p. 18).
One of the fundamental methods that were used in this research includes applications of exergy concept that was used primarily between 1989 to 1993. This process involved distillation processes as well as absorption heat pump systems. The second methodology that was utilized in this article included the analysis of heat as well as mass transfer processes. According to this article, the first technological development included incorporating exergy analysis to the existing simulation, optimization tools in order which would be utilized to conduct exergoeconomic as well as exergoecologic studies (Rivero, p. 86). By doing this; it was determined that this would indeed increase performance in these plants as well as be able to establish inefficiencies and their economic consequences which would determine the real production costs of the processes as well as most importantly evaluate their environmental impact.
It has emerged that the increased global population has prompted the need for more power production which must be accomplished without harming the environment. As cited in the article application of the exergy concept in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry by Ricardo Rivero, it is apparent that there is increased the relevance of exergy concept which according to the article is based on the three E_x0092_s model: energy, economy as well as ecology. According to this research, numerous means have been devised that which are exergy-based techniques which would guarantee a continued use of energy in the power production industry. Lastly; energy exergy according to the article application of the exergy concept in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry by Ricardo Rivero argue that once utilized these procedures will guarantee reduced energy degradation in a technically feasible, cost-effective as well as ecologically sustainable way

Work Cited
R. Rivero. _x0093_Application of the Exergy Concept in the Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Industry,_x0094_ Energy Conservation and Management, Vol. 43, No. 9-12, 2002, pp. 1199-1220.

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