Exercise in Avoiding Sentence Errors

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Fragmented words, run-ons, and comma splice are all common errors made by students while writing sentences. Errors in sentence form usually consist of a subject without a predicate, so students can write proper sentences to improve their writing abilities. Sentence one has a run-ons flaw in which the individual clauses are not united grammatically correctly. The second sentence is a fragment sentence, which means that the sentence is without a predicate and hence does not have a full context. The third sentence has a construction change that has an indirect quotation that corresponds to various colors in two different forms. The fourth sentence has a coma splices error where the independent clauses are combined by a comma which is compatible . The final number is a sentence fragment having no comas to separate the sentences (Nag, 2017)
(Run-on)When you listen to jazz, you hear a uniquely American style of music. (Segment) A fusion of African and European traditions, from the American South. (Shift in construction)As art Blakely an originator of bebop drumming, he is quoted saying that there could have been no jazz if not for America. Dixieland was spawned in the 1910s, (shift in construction)having the earliest jazz bands emerging in New Orleans around the turn of the twentieth century, where Black gospel music and Latin American brass met. (Run-on) Recordings in the Windy city began to spread the sound to the other parts of the country where many popular and influential jazz musician found their way to Chicago clubs. (Comma splices)New York City also played an important role in jazz history by adding piano, incorporating it in to swing music and sales of jazz records,(Run- on) to establish the style firmly in American culture it is during the late 1920s and 1930s that, local bands formed all around the country.
So, common mistakes made by students while writing sentences include fragment sentences, run-ons, and comma splice. Errors in sentence structure normally consist of a subject without the predicate thus students should write correct sentences to enable them to write greatly. Sentence one has run-ons error where the independent clauses are not joined in a grammatically right way. The second sentence is a fragment sentence where the sentence is incomplete missing a predicate to have a complete meaning. The third sentence has a shift in construction where there is an indirect quotation, where the sentence refers to different colors in two different ways. The fourth sentence has coma splices error where the independent clauses are combined by a comma which is compatible.

Nag, S., Snowling, M., & Mirkovic, J. (2017). The role of language production mechanisms in children’s sentence repetition: evidence from an inflectionally rich language.

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